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About Me

I’ve been writing most of my life; since I was in primary school, in fact, when my poem about a lion received heady praise from my teacher and immediately fired me with the determination to become an author. I’ve had minor success with my books and articles, and it still makes me feel amazing when someone compliments my work all these years later. I guess that validation is always a powerful motivator for anyone.

Fantasy has always been my go-to genre, to write and to read, to watch in films and on TV, to play in video games. But I love history and older literature too – my Masters degree is in Medieval Studies – although a lot of that plays into my fantasy addiction. World building, creating a coherent fictional world, maps, languages, they’re all passions.

I live in North Yorkshire in England, and the Yorkshire landscape provides a setting for most of my work, whether it’s modern urban fantasy in Spell Struck or high fantasy in the Hanged God.

I have three grown-up children, and I’m now the very proud Nonnie to my first grandchild. I also have a small but very high maintenance rescue dog called Poppy.

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